Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Gym Lovers – Mountaincross Version!

Here’s our Top 5 recommendations for gym and fitness lovers – Hakuba Mountaincross version!

5. “My” Jumprope

Jump roping is a great cardio exercise that you can do indoors or outdoors. But you need your own jumprope that is set at the perfect length for you, and is the right thickness and weight. Get a new jumprope and start practicing double-unders!

4. Mountaincross Mobility Balls

Working on your mobility is as important as strength training to avoid injuries and to reach full range of motion. Bring your own yoga mat and mobility balls to the Mountaincross Mobility & Yoga classes!

3. Massage Gun

Hard workouts will leave you feeling sore the next (or the next next) day. Add massage guns to your daily routine to help flush out the lactic acid so you are ready to go the next day!

2. Workout Gloves

Do you like rock hard calluses on your hands to show off how hard you work out? Or do you like baby soft hands? If you’re the latter, workout gloves can help prevent calluses, give you a better grip, and you’ll be able to hold on longer to the ice cold dumbbells in the winter!

  1. Personal Training or Group Class Tickets at Hakuba Mountaincross

Show your loved ones that you care with a gift of health and fitness! Get Mountaincross Personal Training sessions or group class tickets for your friends, family, or as a treat to yourself. Personal training sessions are tailored to each person, whether it’s to work on your booty&thighs or to run faster in trail runs. Group sessions are a boatload of fun and you are guaranteed to make like minded friends. So this year, maybe you can be eco-friendly, and get the gift of health and fitness to at least one person you care for.

Contact us to get your personal sessions or group class tickets!

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