Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Gym Lovers – Mountaincross Version!

Here’s our Top 5 recommendations for gym and fitness lovers – Hakuba Mountaincross version!

5. “My” Jumprope

Jump roping is a great cardio exercise that you can do indoors or outdoors. But you need your own jumprope that is set at the perfect length for you, and is the right thickness and weight. Get a new jumprope and start practicing double-unders!

4. Mountaincross Mobility Balls

Working on your mobility is as important as strength training to avoid injuries and to reach full range of motion. Bring your own yoga mat and mobility balls to the Mountaincross Mobility & Yoga classes!

3. Massage Gun

Hard workouts will leave you feeling sore the next (or the next next) day. Add massage guns to your daily routine to help flush out the lactic acid so you are ready to go the next day!

2. Workout Gloves

Do you like rock hard calluses on your hands to show off how hard you work out? Or do you like baby soft hands? If you’re the latter, workout gloves can help prevent calluses, give you a better grip, and you’ll be able to hold on longer to the ice cold dumbbells in the winter!

  1. Personal Training or Group Class Tickets at Hakuba Mountaincross

Show your loved ones that you care with a gift of health and fitness! Get Mountaincross Personal Training sessions or group class tickets for your friends, family, or as a treat to yourself. Personal training sessions are tailored to each person, whether it’s to work on your booty&thighs or to run faster in trail runs. Group sessions are a boatload of fun and you are guaranteed to make like minded friends. So this year, maybe you can be eco-friendly, and get the gift of health and fitness to at least one person you care for.

Contact us to get your personal sessions or group class tickets!

What is Mountaincross?

At Mountaincross, we train the whole athlete combining weight training, circuit training, and interval training. But I realize that is difficult to understand if you have not tried it before. So let me explain what our typical class looks like.

Our 60 minute session usually starts with mobility work. We use pressure balls or bands to mobilize the shoulders, legs, or any tight areas of the body. Then we start our warm-up. These are easy bodyweight movements to get our blood flowing and preparing muscles for training. Sometimes we mix it up with an agility ladder and jump ropes.

Our training menu changes everyday. We rotate between legs, upper body, core… so members can train their whole body through the week. We also put a lot of emphasis on cardio to strengthen the cardiovascular system that we use so much in our mountain sports. Our cardio workouts are combined with some weights to increase the intensity. An example would be – Run 200 meters, 10 push ups, 15 kettlebell swings.

If you don’t know any of these movements or how to hold a barbell – don’t worry. The coach goes through the basics at every class to make sure everyone is working out with correct form. Injury prevention is important.

Will it be hard? Well, it will be as hard as you make it. In the beginning, you will go slow, making sure you are moving with the right form. Once you get the hang of it, you can pick up the intensity and go faster and heavier. Every movement is scalable. If you can’t do a full push-up, you can use your knees. If that is hard, you can push against a box. If that is hard, you can push against a wall. Anyone can do the movements. And if you are a mountain athlete of a specific sport, we will modify some workouts in ways that would better suit you. Right now, most of our members are skiers looking forward to the season, so we are doing a whole of squats and lunges to strengthen the legs!

Who comes to the gym? We currently have a variety of men and women ranging from teenagers ~ 60’s. There are Japanese speakers and English speakers. According to our members, the best thing about the gym is the community. We have a fantastic group of motivated and active people that have fun seeing each other and getting through tough workouts together. We are happy to see that this wonderful community is growing.


We hope that answers a lot of the questions you might have about what we do at Mountaincross. But if you have more, just email us at:

We look forward to seeing you!










Testimonials – Meet Tomomi

A one hour workout with the group in an awesome atmosphere really motivates me.

Why did you decide to join Hakuba Mountaincross?

“My friend invited me to join the class and I loved it. Also, I gained about 6kg in 2years so wanted to lose some of that weight.”

What are your goals?

“I want to lose weight but the same time, I want to be healthy and fit.”

What do you like about Hakuba Mountaincross?

“I love the morning class, especially on a sunny day. The coach, location, equipment, and workout menus are perfect for me. It’s so hard to lose weight and try to be fit by myself. But a one hour workout with the group in an awesome atmosphere really motivates me.”

What message do you have for anyone thinking about joining Hakuba Mountaincross?

If you are looking for a place to be physically active while adding happiness and fun in your life, you must join Mountaincross! This place will make you strong, confident, and energetic inside and out. We have a great community here to motivate you!

Let’s see how our body and mind changes in few months! It’s very exciting!”




Mountaincross Bootcamp

The Mountaincross Bootcamp is aimed at team building while getting fit. You will burn through tons of calories while toning muscles and maximizing fat loss.

We understand that fitness level will vary within the group. Not everyone will have to do the same distance or numbers – the workouts will cater to each person while being pushed to do what you didn’t even know what you were capable of.

What will you do in the bootcamp?

You won’t know until that day but it will be a combination of cardio work, burst of high intensity interval workouts, and bodyweight movements. Some workouts will require you to work together as a team or with a partner, which helps with building mutual trust and respect.

How to sign your team up:

  1. Appoint a representative for your group that will be in charge of cost handling and member gathering.
  2. Request a date and time and we will discuss locations.

Rates for a 90 minute Bootcamp:

1-5 people: 5000 yen per group

6-10 people: 10,000 yen per group

10-20 people: 20,000 yen per group



“Introduction Class” and “Fitness and Mobility Test”

“Introduction Class”

Nervous about joining the gym but want to see what it’s all about? Worried if you can keep up in the group classes?

We now have an “introduction class” where you can learn the basics of before jumping into one of our group classes. Learn how to lift a barbell, do a proper squat, pace yourself in a workout, and much much more! Rate is 5,000 yen for 3 sessions. Start with a friend and get 500 yen off each!

Book your introduction class from the contact form.

“Fitness and Mobility Test”

Are you ready to take your training to the next level but not sure how to do it?

Sign up for a fitness and mobility test so we can identify your strengths and weaknesses. We will then help formulate a training and mobility plan to get the most from the group classes. The test will take 30 minutes, and we will have a consultation session at a later date. Rate is Y1500 for monthly members and Y3000 for non-members.

Book your Fitness and Mobility test from the contact form.

白馬マウンテンクロス イントロクラス


そんな方のために「イントロクラス」を始めます。3回のセッションでバーベルの持ち上げ方、正しいスクワットの姿勢、運動の進め方などを学びます。料金は3回で5000円、ご家族や友人との参加で500円オフ! 予約はこちらから。

“フィットネス& モビリティ テスト”