Ski stronger, climb harder, run faster.

The mountains are our playground.  In Hakuba, we are surrounded by big mountain skiing and long climbs to our west, trail runs and mountain biking to our east, and phenomenal rock climbing and kayaking just outside our valley.

Whether you are a multi-sport athlete or training for your specific sport, want to lose weight and get in shape, love Crossfit or Yoga, we believe that gym training will make you a better athlete by improving overall strength or overcoming specific weaknesses. We train the whole athlete, but recognize that the rock climber is a very different beast than the downhill ski racer and will adjust and supplement as necessary.

Our objective is to make you the best athlete you can be, and in the best shape that you can be.

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If you’re visiting Hakuba and are looking for a place to train, especially for those crossfit and bootcamp types look no further. Hakuba Mountaincross is a great place to train with Sayaka and Ian, they have a well equipped box and you will also run outside with the mountains in full view. And you’ll get to meet some nice locals

Efficient workout, sweat, good music, amazing coach who motivates you to push just a little harder. It’s fun!

The coach, location, equipment, and workout menus are perfect for me. It’s so hard to lose weight and try to be fit by myself. But a one hour workout with the group in an awesome atmosphere really motivates me.