Personal Training Options

Choose from the following personal training menus that fit your needs and contact us  to book a session.

A personalized session combining yoga poses with active and assisted stretching and mobility techniques. The session will start with dynamic movements and core work to warm the body. These are followed by stretches and mobility work using equipment like  bands and trigger balls. The sequence of poses and movements will encourage muscles to stretch and release, helping you to maintain mobility, prevent injury, and increase physical performance.

Designed specifically for post skiing/snowboarding. The session will start with dynamic movements to warm up the body. These are followed by restorative postures and mobility work targeted at areas that fatigue after a day on the slopes. We will also spend some time to do maintenance work on the feet and calves using massage balls and foam rollers.


This session is perfect for you if you don’t like much cardio, but want to have better muscle tone and look good. We will use barbells, dumbbells, wall balls combined with bodyweight movements to tone the abs, butt, legs, and arms.


The signature Mountaincross class. Challenge yourself to a total body workout that combines strength + interval training + cardio training. The session will start with dynamic movements to start warming up the body,  followed by strength training, and then a cardio session using a combination of movements. We will show you how to correctly use pull-up bars, rings, boxes, barbells, and dumbbells. The session will finish off with stretching and mobilizing and you will leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

-Nutritional Consultation:

Six packs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. Our coaches are certified nutritional consultants. Get your personalized diet plan with continuous support from the coaches. Your first goal is to stick with the plan for 3 months.

Total Transformation Plan: Y10,000 for the initial session, Y5,000 every month after.


Our internationally trained therapist will help you relax and stretch out your sore body. The session will be held on the bed or on the floor if you have a floor mattress. Thai massage includes deep-pressure point work to stimulate the body’s energy pathways. This sessions is offered at your accommodation/home only. Price: 60 minutes JPY 7,000, 90 minutes JPY 9,000, 120 minutes JPY 13,000.  


Make the most of your holiday and get into tip top shape! This program includes daily personal training combining strength, cardio, and yoga followed by aroma oil massages to soothe the sore muscles. The program will be tailored made to fit your needs so contact us for more information!