Mountaincross Bootcamp

The Mountaincross Bootcamp is aimed at team building while getting fit. You will burn through tons of calories while toning muscles and maximizing fat loss.

We understand that fitness level will vary within the group. Not everyone will have to do the same distance or numbers – the workouts will cater to each person while being pushed to do what you didn’t even know what you were capable of.

What will you do in the bootcamp?

You won’t know until that day but it will be a combination of cardio work, burst of high intensity interval workouts, and bodyweight movements. Some workouts will require you to work together as a team or with a partner, which helps with building mutual trust and respect.

How to sign your team up:

  1. Appoint a representative for your group that will be in charge of cost handling and member gathering.
  2. Request a date and time and we will discuss locations.

Rates for a 90 minute Bootcamp:

1-5 people: 5000 yen per group

6-10 people: 10,000 yen per group

10-20 people: 20,000 yen per group



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